WILZIN -25/50

Zinc Acetate Capsules

Supportive therapy for WILSON’S DISEASE

Wilzin containing zinc acetate, is an effective new weapon in the treatment of Wilson’s Disease. As Zinc Acetate is economical and least toxic, it is vital alternative to chelating agents like Penicillamine & Trientine Hydrochloride.

Organizational Values

We strongly believe in creating a transparent Heathcare system in India. We insist in creating basic medical and drug awareness among people for their betterment and well being. People should be well informed about the positive and negative affects of the medicines they take be aware about its side effects. To create this kind of awareness, it is necesary that Pharmaceutical Companies, Doctors, Government and Patients must work together in harmony for nurturing the Society's overall Physical and Mental Health. For this to happen, our organization has developed 3 Unique Value System which any Health Service Organization can adopt.

  • Humanity

  • Transparency

  • Medical Ethics

Our History

Sanford Drug House was founded by Mr. Balasurbramaninan B.Pharm, DHRDI, established the commpany during late 1981 with the idea of manufacturing veterinary medicines. In the middle of 1982, production of B-Complex liquid under the Brand Name “Sanvit” for veterinary use was started and marketed in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. In the course of time the following products were introduced into the market one by one,
Cokstat (for coccidiosis), Sanvit forte (fortified B-Complex), Leverzine-D (an anthelmintic suspension containing Piperazeine Hcl & Levamisole Hcl), Benoxy-D(an anthelmintic suspension containing Oxyclozanide and Albendazole), Benefactor-D,( an anthelmintic suspension containing Niclosamide), Nicloben-D( an anthelmintic suspension containing Niclosamide and Albendazole), Niclocide-L (an anthelmintic suspension containing Niclosamide and Levamisole Hcl), Sabala Forte (an anthelmintic suspension Mebendazole)

Later in the year 2004 a medical product under the Brand Name Wilzin containing Zinc acetate was introduced into the market as a supportive therapy for Wilson’s Disease, a rare genetic disorder affecting the copper metabolism. Two presentations were released into the market- Wilzin-25 , containg 25mg of elemental zinc for children and Wilzin-50 containing 50 mg of elemental zinc for adults. Occurrence of this disease is 1 in 30000 of humans. This product is being marketed through out India.

  • 1 in 30,000 with Wilson's Disease
  • 9% of Indian population b/w the age 20-79 are affected with Diabetes
  • 95% of pregnant women tested positive for syphilis in over 41-75 countries (WHO)
  • 60 countries had less than 1 psychiatrist per 100 000 population in 2014 (WHO)
  • 62% of adults Abstained from Alcohol consumption in the past 12 months (WHO)

Why Choose Sanford

Our VISION is to build a disease free Nation with Transparent Healthcare systems.

Our MISSION is to identify the real diseases and treat them with the right medicines with minimum side effects. For this, our team of Data Analysts will run through millions of Data about diseases and the best treatments throughout the world and will arrive at the Best Possible solution in eradicating the existing diseases.

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